So many of our beautiful clients come to us who are either revamping an existing kitchen or are building their new kitchen – all complete with concrete benchtops of course! A majority of these kitchens include butler’s pantries, which let’s face it, we all set out with great intentions of keeping them neat and tidy, but they often end up as a dumping ground… for everything. So instead of just closing the butler’s pantry door (if you’re lucky enough to have one!) when guests come over, or coming up with an excuse as to why your concrete benchtops are hidden under a great big pile of crap, we enlisted the help of Natalie from the Little Label Co. to give us some tips on how to makeover your pantry.


The most common pantry problems include clutter, not enough space, difficulty in keeping track of supplies and hard to reach items. Planning, organisation and labelling can fix most, if not all of these common problems. It’s all about getting creative and being resourceful.


What I love most about organising the pantry is that you are making a permanent home for all your items, which means you will be making a conscious effort to return the item to its original position. As we acquire more and more things, it becomes more difficult to keep track of it all.  Labels have changed how we organise our homes, once you label something you don’t have to think about it anymore! Having an organised and tidy kitchen/pantry means less time spent trying to look for items, less clutter, less to keep tidy and more time doing the things you love!