Just who are these kids?


Admit it, you’re just a little curious as to why a custom builder would name themselves for a bleating mountaineer.

Sure, the Goat Construction Co. is a left-field moniker, but we like to do things differently around these parts.

First, who doesn’t love goats?

Emma Wiggle sings about them.

The guys on Bounce imitate them.

And we have a good chuckle at the countless goat memes and videos all over the net (never while we’re on the tools, of course!)

Plus, the furry little guy in our logo is an eye-catching fellow. Tell us you’re not intrigued!

But that’s not all there is to it.

GOAT is an acronym for Greatest of all Time.

And no, we’re not swaggering around, noses upturned, thinking we’re above reproach.

But to be thought of by our clients, and the communities we serve, as the greatest builder they’ve worked with, is what we continually strive for in our work.

We love to create beautiful, liveable spaces with you, whether working with a blank slab or an older home in need of TLC.

We do whatever it takes to deliver a finished product that leaves you beaming.

Because that look on your face when you see your swish new digs?

That makes all of the long days, long drives and after-hours site meetings *so* very worth it.